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DIY Tips

Here are some DIY tips that you can use if your property has been damaged by water, fire or mold. There are some steps you can take on your own, but if your home or business has been seriously affected, it’s best to call in a damage restoration company, like us, to get it back to normal. We’re available 24/7 in all of Philadelphia if you need us!

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DIY Tips For Flood Cleanup

- Set up any wet pillows or cushions to air out.

- If you have any colored rugs or furniture on top of wet carpets, remove them, or prop them up off of the carpeting.

- Pick up any loose items and store elsewhere (especially books or magazines that could bleed onto colored flooring, etc.).

- Hang any wet fabrics to dry.

- Mop up any excess water where possible.

- If you see or suspect any mold, don’t do anything with it, but leave the area and call us immediately. Mold can begin to grow within two days of a moist environment, and can be spread easily.

- It brings with it great health risks, and should be left to professionals like us.

What NOT to Do After Flooding

- Do not touch any standing water -- there could be live electricity and it could cause serious injury or even fatality to touch the water if live. Aside from electricity, there could be diseases or other health risks in the water.

- Do not turn on any electronics that you suspect have been affected, including TVs, computers, or the like.

- Don’t try to vacuum up the water yourself.

- Don’t go into any rooms where the ceiling appears to be soggy, especially if it is sagging.

- Do not go into any rooms where you see or suspect mold.

- Don’t run your HVAC system if you see mold, as that could spread it to other areas of the building.

- Do not touch any mold, or try to clean it yourself.

DIY Tips for Fire Damage Cleanup

We recommend calling a damage restoration company, like us, as soon as the fire department is on the scene so that we can be there when they are done and help you gauge where to go from there. If your property was only minimally damaged, or you are waiting for a company to arrive and have gotten the clear to go in the building from the fire department, here are some DIY tips you can use.

Flood Cleanup - Try to move around as little as possible; spreading soot is very easy, and you can further damage areas that may have been able to be restored if left untouched.

- If you need to move between rooms, lay down clean towels on the flooring and walk on those; but still keep your hands off of as much as possible.

- Change the filters on your AC so if the system does turn on, it does not spread smoke or other odors.

- If your electricity was shut off, you can empty out your fridge and freezer and leave those doors open so they can air out.

- Check with an electrician or one of our damage restoration service techs before attempting to clean any electrical equipment that was involved in the fire.

- Don’t turn on any electrical components, like your TV, computer, or ceiling fan, without the okay from an electrician or a damage restoration company.

- Throw out all food from your pantry or cabinets that were exposed to the fire, the heat from the fire, or the water from the cleanup.

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If these DIY tips weren’t enough to mitigate your disaster, give us a call anywhere in the Philadelphia area for fast help.

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