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Household Mold Removal
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Household Mold Removal
Resoration Cleanup
Water Damage Removal
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Household Mold Removal

Household mold removal needs to be handled quickly and effectively. Our team of experts can perform mold remediation fast, so your life can get back to normal. If it goes untreated, mildew can severely affect the health of your family, and cause a string of problems. Don’t let your family get in that situation; let us get rid of the mold now!

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Household Mold Removal Company

As one of Philadelphia’s leading damage restoration companies, we are able to provide all forms of household mold removal. Frequently after a disaster has occurred, mold is found to be present in walls, floors, or the attic of a home. This is particularly so after there has been a flood, or other standing water present. Since mildew grows in moist environments, it’s particularly important to get an inspection after you've had a roof leak, a burst pipe, or another plumbing problem that got your floors, walls, or ceilings soaked. Call us now to get an inspection and make sure your family is protected.

We provide full household mold removal services to get rid of any and all dangerous particles within your home. Our licensed and certified staff wear full protective gear while treating your home, including suits and respirators. If it’s just a small area that’s been affected, we will treat the mold with an antimicrobial solution to kill it off. Then we’ll seal off the area, and repaint it.

On larger areas, we will cut out the affected section and then replace it. For instance, if a large portion of your wall has mold throughout it, it wouldn’t be safe to just seal that and let your kids live in the room again. Our household mold removal crew would remove the chunk of wall that has been infested, and then replace that with new material.

Whenever we are doing household mold removal, we always contain off the space we’re working in, so that the mold doesn’t spread through the air, or any other way, to other areas of your home. We can also remove other hazardous materials, such as asbestos. These are all serious dangers to your Mildew Growthhealth, and shouldn’t be left to another time. Call us right away if you suspect the presence of mold, mildew, or asbestos in your home.

Mold Removal After Flood

If your home has been flooded, or subjected to other water damage, it is highly likely that you have mold present. Most damage restoration companies will do an inspection as part of their normal service (we always do), but if you had exposure to water and didn't get checked for mold, call us.

After nearly a decade in the business, we can handle any mold removal job; big or small. With highly trained and skilled crews who care about you and your family, we work quickly to get your life back to normal fast. Call us now to get a quote on mold removal.

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We provide Household Mold Removal in Philadelphia and nearby areas.

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